Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mind ~ Art ~ Power Projects with Lilian Nabulime ~ 2015 @ Reginald F. Lewis Museum and Living Classrooms ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Baltimore, Maryland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2015 Video by Denée Barr ~. Mind ~ Art ~ Power Projects with Lilian Nabulime ````````` Reginald F. Lewis Museum ~~~~~~~ Sunday, December 5, 2015 ~~~~~~ photos c Denée Barr ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: Culminating event at Reginald F Lewis Museum with Ugandan professor, wood sculptor, Dr. Lilian Nabulime. Schools and colleges included: MICA, Augusta Fells Savage Institute for Visual Art, and Fresh Start at Living Classrooms. December 2015.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mind-Art-Power Projects (MAPP) seeks to give youth and other age groups critical thinking skills through engagement in the arts. This is accomplished in a variety of ways: After school and in -school classes ~ ~ Artist- in - Baltimore residencies where artists from across the globe engage Baltimore communities in arts projects ~ ~ Short term workshops offered at sites across metropolitan Baltimore ~ ~ There is a long term goal of offering a community college program in maker-technology-entrepreneurship. ~

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