Friday, October 26, 2012

Nurturing the Creative "Impromptu" with Denée Barr and Kay Weeks at the Columbia Art Center

NURTURING THE CREATIVE “Impromptu” with Denée Barr and Kay Weeks NEW! This two-hour workshop is part “show,” but mostly about YOU! Things that are close to your heart lend themselves to drawing, writing simple poetry, and singing spontaneously. All of those activities can be joyful and fun when the brain editor doesn’t take over to make you demand perfection…you know? Erasures, edits, angry tosses into the basket! Kay Weeks, who draws and paints her cat & writes poetry together with Denée Barr , who sings all types of music from serious to jazz scat, will demonstrate how this works, using their examples/experience as models. For the drawing component, just think of something that makes you smile, a snowman, a tree, or cat, dog. In about 3 minutes, just use a line-in-your-mind, and color it if you wish. For the poetry, just three lines, a Haiku or Senryu. The two facilitators will present a few of these QUICK POPS (poetry and music) to inspire your creative side. There doesn’t HAVE to be a finished product at this workshop because you are here to have fun, perhaps try to stump the presenters…or not…and try your hand at writing a poem and illustrating it with a simple drawing. Your cat, for example?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Saturday, November 3rd 10am-12noon (1 session) $5-Residents/$10-Non-Residents ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. `````````Contact to Register Now: Liz Henzey, Director Columbia Association Art Center ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where Art Inspires! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Columbia, Maryland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Columbia Art Center```````````````````Link Click!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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