Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Denée Barr, Liz Fixsen, David McGarvey & Paula Williams SoundNest III @ Artscape 2015

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DAB~HSB Photos & Video c Denée Barr 2015 www.deneebarrartnews.blogspot.com www.artscape.org www.promotionandarts.org ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Artscape is America's largest free arts festival, attracting 350,000+ attendees over three days. Artscape features 150+ fine artists, fashion designers and craftspeople; visual art exhibits on and off-site, including exhibitions, outdoor sculpture, art cars, photography and the Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize; incredible live concerts on outdoor stages; a full schedule of performing arts including dance, opera, theater, film, experimental music and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; family events such as hands-on projects, demonstrations, competitions, children's entertainers and street theater; and a delicious, international menu of food and beverages that is available throughout the festival site. Artscape's total economic impact on Baltimore City is $25.97 million. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SoundNest ~ The core vision of Dialog+ is driven by collaborative interactive installations and performances as a social. While our upbeat practice is constantly evolving into new venues, it is always about building the dialogue between individuals in order to build and heal our communities. Communication comes in many forms. Baltimore's experimental sound scene is full of extraordinary talent that is largely unknown by the general public. We provide a uniquely complex colorful interactive installation to work with the musicians. In addition, by providing hand made instruments, we bypass the classic separation between performers and the audience, by melding them into a unity of common purpose. Walls come down. Many of our visitors have never before encountered this kind of experience. This generates a common ground of accessible creativity, helping many to see possibilities within themselves in new creative ways. Our enthusiasm is infectious!

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