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2008-2009 Between East and West Exhibition (extended) and Salon Series -- Closing Reception, Friday, July 17, 6-8 pm

Bearing the name of its 2008-2009 theme, Between East and West, Millennium Arts Salon presents a group exhibition featuring artists living and/or working in the US and abroad - in Europe and Asia, opening Saturday, March 28, 2009.

The artists include Rachelle Puryear (Stockholm, Sweden), Billy Colbert (Washington, DC), Bill Dallas (Oakland, California), Ann Bouie (Washington, DC), Bryan McFarlane (Boston, Massachusetts and Beijing, China), Sheila Crider (Washington, DC), Alonzo Davis (Baltimore, Maryland), Paul So (native of Hong Kong, lives in Washington, DC), and Barbara Blanco (Annapolis, Maryland).

Curated by Barbara Blanco, assisted by Janell Blackmon and L'Rai Arthur-Mensah, works in the exhibition hint of artists' influences beyond the East and West borders of the US -- for example, Ann Bouie and African beads; Alonzo Davis and Sheila Crider who both did residencies in China and Japan respectively, Paul So's native Honk Kong and urban U.S. experiences, Jamaican-born Bryan McFarlane, living in Boston with a studio in Beijing, Washington DC-born Rachelle Puryear and the natural terrain of Sweden, to give a few examples. Between East and West in some ways parallels The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989, exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, which highlights American Artists and Asian influences. But it by no means stops there, as Billy Colbert's figurative depiction of urban life in Washington and Baltimore and Bill Dallas's colorful and complex abstractions attest.

Please join us for the closing reception, Friday, July 17, 2009, 6-8 pm. There will be screenings and photograph presentations of MAS 2008-9 programs on the 2nd floor media room."

The exhibition frames the MAS 2008-2009 program season Between East and West, referring not only to the east and west borders of the continental US, but extending further east and west to Europe and Asia. This event is FREE and open to the public.

Millennium Arts Salon
1213 Girard Street
NW Washington, DC 20009
(202) 319-8988


Program Season Summary:


* Book signings -- September 13, Herbert Gentry and Friends with salon talk featuring Mary Ann Rose Gentry (wife of the late Herbert Gentry); October 25, Gentlemen’s Jigger with salon featuring Tom Wirth, Editor/Publisher and Friend of book author Bruce Nugent; and December 13, Studio and Workspaces of Black American Artists with salon featuring author Dennis Forbes.
* MAS-Pyramid Atlantic 2nd Print Collaborative featuring prints by Rachelle Puryear (etching) and Billy Colbert (variable silkscreen), unveiled November 2nd at Drawn to Washington print exhibition at Pyramid Atlantic.


* Sunday, April 5, 3-5 pm -- East and West Views: A Conversation between Rachelle Puryear and Billie Colbert. Artists talked about their participation in the MAS-Pyramid Atlantic 2nd print collaborative, the makings of their print, and the environments -- Stockholm, Baltimore, and Washington, DC that have shaped them.

§ Sunday, April 26, 4-6 pm - A Look at Two Presidents: Lincoln and Obama -- a Conversation with Ronald Walters, PhD and Les Payne, Editor Newsday, moderated by Mel Hardy, MAS. This was a joint project between MAS and the Brady Gallery at George Washington University*, in celebration of the Lincoln Bicentennial and our new President. This event was held in the Jack Morton Auditorium at GWU, 4-5:30pm.

* Saturday, May 9, 3-5 pm -- A Creative Exchange between Artists Ann Bouie and Barbara Blanco. Their artistic expressions are as different as "east and west" -- one artist's approach is punctuated by beadwork; the other, by photography and canvas. Both approaches, stunning. The artists discussed influences that inform their work.

§ Thursday, May 21, 6-8 pm -- A Conversation with Dr. Richard A. Long at MAS, 6-8 pm. MAS was honored once again to host Dr. Long. Dr. Long discussed the next issue of International Review of African American Art, which was devoted substantially to the presence of Richard A. Long in the visual arts.

* Saturday, May 30, 6-8 pm at the Hamiltonian Gallery* -- Western Artists and the Contemporary Asian Art Scene. A panel discussion with artists who share the commonality of living and/or working in Asia, with Sheila Crider, Paul So, and Bryan McFarlane. This was a joint project between MAS and the Hamiltonian Gallery.

§ Saturday, June 27, 1-5 pm at The Phillips Collection* -- Figurative Art Today: Between East and West, a symposium featuring artists, collectors, and curators -- iona rozeal brown, Henry Thaggert, Kristen Hileman, Allan DeZousa, Koan Jeff Baysa. This represents the 2nd collaboration between MAS and the Phillips.

*Note: All programs at MAS unless otherwise stated.

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