Friday, January 18, 2008

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Everybody Loves a Great Story...............

Title: The Hunt
Artist: Kay Klotzbach

My dog paintings are about the quiet, mysterious and introspective part of me. Although the dog is the subject, the content of the work goes much deeper. Loneliness, taking a journey, dream-like states, longing, devotion, searching, abandonment and loss are touched on in these paintings. I am interested in showing and sharing images that are from unusual spatial vantage points and at times so real that they become surreal.

What do dogs dream about, what is that state that humans experience before sleep and waking up and are there parallels between these two worlds? How and why do dogs love us so completely? Where will my dog lead me today and where will my painting lead me? These questions are intertwined with my subject.

Jewel my first dog opened up another world for me as a person and an artist. Connecting with her took me to a different place where time stood still. Unfortunately, I could not stop time for her. She was diagnosed with lymphoma in July 2007 and the days that I share with her are all the more precious.

Artist Statement by Kay Klotzbach


Stories to Tell and Visual Constructions: Sibbison & Whitting
Howard County Arts Council
Howard County Center for the Arts
Ellicott City, Maryland
(410) 313-ARTS

On January 11, 2008, two new exhibits opened at the Howard County Center for the Arts. Stories to Tell is a narrative show featuring artists Beth Blake, Jason Godeke, Linda Adele Goodine, Li Hu, Kay Klotzbach and Nelson Reinhart. In Gallery II, Visual Constructions features abstract artwork by Robert Sibbison and Peter Whitting. Both exhibits are on display until February 22, 2008.

A free, public reception will be held on Friday, January 18, 2007 from 6-8PM (Snow date: January 25, 2008). Meet the artists, enjoy live music and light refreshments.

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM-8PM; Saturday 10AM-4PM; and Sunday 12-4PM.

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