Sunday, October 7, 2007

Denee Barr Art News and More

Good Day!
Yesterday I took my family to the The Howard County Conservancy Fall Festival at Mount Pleasant Farm and we had a simply wonderful afternoon. What a delightful retreat!

Some of the activities that we enjoyed were making old-time crafts, blacksmithing, archeology dig, weaving, spinning, art show, and quiltmaking.

We were also present for the rededication and unveiling of the Montjoy Barn which is the last standing wheat barn in Maryland dating back to 1798. We were told that John Quincy Adams was President and Benjamin Banneker was surveying the land in Washington, DC when this barn was a working barn......oh my to be in the presence of such an historical structure. And, the barn is simply exquisite, masterful to behold.

Near the end of the festival, I purchased a very unique plant called "Lamb's Ear". I couldn't resist the purchase because the leaves actually feel like soft sheep wool. When I brought the plant home we talked about whether I should place the plant outside but then someone mentioned about the plant being a tasty meal for some of the rabbits that like to hop through our yard so I have decided to place the plant in a very large pot on our enclosed sun deck for now.

Everyday Counts...................Make the Day Great, Denee


The Howard County Conservancy at Mount Pleasant Farm

The Howard County Conservancy is Howard County’s largest land trust, founded by a group of local citizens in 1990 to help preserve the natural environment, agricultural farmland, and unique historic sites in Howard County. Headquartered at Mt. Pleasant Farm in Woodstock, Maryland, a 232-acre farm that is 300 years old, the Conservancy offers dozens of year-round educational programs for adults and children, hosts special events, and provides numerous volunteer opportunities, in addition to providing Howard County residents with information about land conservation. The Conservancy protects land by acquiring it through gift or by obtaining a conservation easement.

In 2005, with funding from the Gudelsky Family Foundation, the State of Maryland, and Howard County, the Conservancy built the Gudelsky Environmental Education Center at Mt. Pleasant. The Gudelsky Center is Howard County’s only nature center. Our educational programs are run out of the Gudelsky Center and it houses classrooms, meeting rooms, gallery space, exhibits and a gift shop.

The Conservancy, the Gudelsky Environmental Education Center and Gift Shop are open to the public every Friday and Saturday from 9am – 4pm. Visitors can tour the center and pick up brochures and other information about the Conservancy’s native landscaping, the “green” building elements in the Center, and upcoming events. Trail maps and information about Mt. Pleasant history are available as well. Visitors can bring a picnic lunch, hike miles of maintained trails and enjoy the beautiful gardens! Dogs must be on leashes.

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