Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Denee Barr Art News and More

One Among Many I
c Anne Chan 2006

Medium: interlocking business cards
30" x 60" x 25" (desk)
41" x 23" x 23" (chair)

From Art Today in Words and Images
21st Annual Critics' Residency Program
Maryland Art Place
Baltimore, Maryland
April 24 - June 2, 2007

Art Today in Words and Images: 21st Annual Critics' Residency Program currently at the Maryland Art Place (MAP) is a first rate
exhibition............Don't Miss It!

Artists Sofia Silvia, Maren Hassinger, Maria Karametou, Benjamin Piwowar, Mary Walker, Anne Chan, Breon Gilleran, Alzaruba along with writers Al Miner and Ding Ren plus critics in residence Eleanor Hearney and Irving Sandler strut their creative selves all the way up in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sofia Silvia - haunting panoramic digital c-print photographs of parking garage and shopping center

Maren Hassinger - ephemeral materials (newspaper) twisted and cyclical in nature and time installation

Maria Karametou - woven wall hangings and multi-part sculptures made of hair, bobby pins, mirror, steel, pine cones

Benjamin Piwowar - candy colored, acrylic and mixed media dreamscape landscape paintings

Mary Walker - acrylic, charcoal, fabric, collaged lace with golden crimson hues on canvas

Anne Chan - plexi-glass & vinyl wall mounting, business card installation, and digital ultrachrome photograph

Breon Gilleran - chrome plated forged steel sculptures and charcoal drawings

Alzaruba - weathered wood sculptures, cibachrome photograph, and digital performance art piece

Al Miner - "What You Don't See Can Hurt You: The Influence of Cinematic Suspense Mechanisms on the Photographs of Anne Chan and Sofia Silva" (commentary)

Ding Ren - "Repetition is Not a Sign of Stupidity" (commentary)

Eleanor Heartney - Contributing Editor to Art in America and Artpress

Irving Sandler - Premier Art Critic

My daughter and I attended the Artist Public Forum held on Saturday, May 5th.........what a treat.

Enjoy the Work..........Make Art Count.....................Denee

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