Monday, May 21, 2007

Denee Barr Art News and More

Columbia Triathlon #3 @ Centennial Lake
Columbia, Maryland
c Denee Barr 2006
All Rights Reserved

I captured and printed the image seen above of last year's Columbia Triathlon. This year my son and I attended and cheered for racers from the sidelines. People really show up for this event....take that swim, bike, and run. In yesterday's 2007 Columbia Triathlon the youngest person in the race was 13 years old and the oldest person in the race was 71 years old.......a lot of fit people in this race and people looking to get fit participated. Even Adrian Fenty, the Mayor of Washington, DC and his father ventured out to Columbia, Maryland to race. And among the participants were past Olympic medalists and national champions in the sport of triathlon and other sports.

Celebrate the Day.....Get Yourself Fit........Make Staying Healthy a Lifestyle!


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