Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Denee Barr Art News and More

Maryland Hunt Cup #2
Glyndon, Maryland
c Denee Barr 2001
All Rights Reserved

Boo! I missed the Maryland Hunt Cup this year again. The Maryland Hunt Cup first debuted in 1894 when two rival fox hunts decided to see who had the best horses. This year the race was run on Saturday, April 28th. The Maryland Hunt Cup is the #1 steeplechase race in the U.S. I know that every spring in April is Maryland Hunt Cup time. I started attending this event with camera in tow in the late 1980's early 1990's. I loved seeing the horses jump over timber logs backdropped against the rolling green hills of Baltimore County. Some years I would go alone and other years I would be accompanied by my mother, my neighbor's kids and/or my cousin Barbara (30 years my senior). Cousin Barbara was familiar with horse racing and one year we decided to place a bet on one of the horses. We both decided that one horse looked especially chipper and ebullient so we place a very modest bet.....Cousin Barbara showed me how. We both wished that we had put more money down because the horse that we chose ended up winning 1st.....see photo above....that's the horse that won with a woman as jockey too! I captured this image back in the early 1990's. This silver gelatin print was printed (2001) the old fashioned way (Photoshop wasn't even a whisper back then) by sandwiching 3 negatives and praying that by working multiple exposures in the darkroom that I would get the right amount of imagery to come through on my photo fiber paper.

Next year, I hope to return to the Maryland Hunt Cup. I actually had a very good reason this year for not attending because on that day a very special event occurred in Howard County, Maryland. More on that story in a future blogging post.............Enjoy the Work...............Make Art..................Denee

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