Friday, April 20, 2007

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Gertrude Kasebier

"One of the most difficult things to learn in painting is what to leave out. How to keep things simple enough."

"The same applies to photography. The value of composition cannot be over estimated; upon it depends the harmony and the sentiment."

"Instruments and mediums can be had for a price; originality, creative faculty, poetic feeling, can come from only one source, but they can be lost if they be not cherished...."

"The key to artistic photography is to work out your own thoughts, by yourselves. Imitation leads to disaster."

" New ideas are always antagonized. Do not mind that. If a thing is good it will survive."

Excerpt from the book Photography Speaks II:
70 Photographers On Their Art
by Brooks Johnson
Aperture/The Chrysler Museum of Art 1995
Norfolk, Virginia
page 58

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